Touch Base With Your 2019 Goals

Your goals for the year are not meant to be shelved and only revisited at the beginning of next year.

They will not be achieved if you do not take specific measures and steps to make them happen.

Your goals need one by one actions and activities performed, incrementally adding up to your bigger goals.

Unlike auto pilot or the ‘self-driving car’ your goals will not self drive.

It’s nearly two months into 2019. It’s about time to touch base and check in on how you are fairing in relation to achieving your goals for the year.

Do not get too busy doing everything else at the expense of your thought out goals for the year.

It’s time to take stock as you continuously and consistently monitor progress towards your intended goals.

It’s time to double up your efforts if you are lagging behind.

It’s time to take any corrective decisions should you find that you are not headed where you want to be by the end of the year.

Is there someone you should be contacting? Are there actions you must be taking right now? Are there decisions you should be making? Do you need to mobilise and/or allocate specific resources towards your chosen goals? Are there habits or behaviours or even contacts that you must consider stopping or dropping because they’re pulling you back instead of helping you up the ladder to your chosen goals?

It’s time to touch base with your goals.

Remember to celebrate milestones that you have already achieved so far.

Along the way, do not neglect to help someone else towards their goal. You may just be the last piece they needed to complete their jigsaw puzzle. So please, make someone’s day everyday.

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