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    Count-down to Multiple Book Launch

    The count down has begun. I will be launching four books along side my 13-year old daughter who will be launching her first book. 8th to 10th March at Clearwater Mall. Feeling lucky? Come along. You could win yourself a copy of one of the books for free. Prices reduced for the launch.

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    Touch Base With Your 2019 Goals

    Your goals for the year are not meant to be shelved and only revisited at the beginning of next year. They will not be achieved if you do not take specific measures and steps to make them happen. Your goals need one by one actions and activities performed, incrementally adding up to your bigger goals. Unlike auto pilot or the ‘self-driving car’ your goals will not self drive. It’s nearly two months into 2019. It’s about time to touch base and check in on how you are fairing in relation to achieving your goals for the year. Do not get too busy doing everything else at the expense of your…

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    On Into 2019, With A Spring in My Step

    Happy New Year Success does not lie in how many others have tried and failed. It’s not in how many times you have tried in the past and failed. It doesn’t even matter so much what your 2018 may have brought to your doorstep. Your future and the rest of your life start now. You may not be able to undo your past failures and mistakes, but you can change the course of your life from this instance. Success will be yours if you go at your dream again, never giving up and never giving in to negative pressures. One step at a time, one bite at a time and…